Wanderlei Silva vows to make Chael Sonnen pay in the Octagon

It’s been a long, brutal campaign for these two men. The war of words has become a world war, and I’m still fairly convinced Chael Sonnen will be attacked in Brazil by a crazy fan, if not Wanderlei Silva. The hilairous part about all of this is that Chael is fighting Rashad Evans with little or no publicity, while this battle against Wanderlei Sivla after TUF: Brazil 3 has been making headlines for weeks.

Mostly because of quotes like this:

“It will be tough. He’s a douche bag, but that’s part of the deal,” he said. “I’m here to work. We do what we have to do. But it won’t be easy to live with him. Whatever I need to say, I’ll say right to his face.”

“That’s the best part,” Silva said. “I know that, in the end, I’ll make him pay inside the Octagon for everything he says. I expect a great win, and I want a knockout.”