Wanderlei Silva Responds to Chael Sonnen’s Challenge, Kind Of

If you are like me (and just about everyone else), you never watch UFC Tonight on Fuel TV. Maybe it is because it is on Fuel TV, maybe it is because not much of real value happens on the show, or you just miss it because there is other stuff to do on a Tuesday night. No matter what, sometimes something of note does happen on that show, which is where we are at today.

Chael Sonnen had decided that maybe his career wasn’t over and decided to pick on former PRIDE Middleweight Champion, Wanderlei Silva, for his next target. He had some remarks that he made on Twitter and threw down a challenge, giving Silva 24 hours to respond. Obviously, Silva missed that deadline, but did have a reply through Ariel Helwani on Tuesday night’s show. Yes, he wanted to fight Chael, and he believed that everyone had been going easy on Sonnen. He said that he wanted to “suck his blood” and that he wanted to hurt Chael.

Sonnen of course had a response ready to go in pure Chael Sonnen fashion. While this fight is not official yet, there are talks of it going down this summer on the first run of UFC on Fox Sports 1. We’ve included the video so you can just watch it unfold.