Wanderlei Silva Dreams of Fighting Chael Sonnen in Front of 110,000 Brazilian Fans

Wanderlei Silva has made no qualms about how bad he wants to rip Chael Sonnen limb from limb in his home country of Brazil, but now he’s gone that one step further to issuing a press release with specifics. Wanderlei Silva dreams of the 1950 World Cup Finals where there were 110,000 fans in Maracana, imagining his fight with Chael Sonnen to be just as big as this.

We aren’t exactly as optimistic that this could happen, but hey, it would be pretty cool, right? [link]

“I want this fight to take place at Maracana,” Silva said in a press release. “I want a crowd just like the 1950 World Cup final with 110,000 fans in there if possible. If they don’t sell out the place, I’ll buy all the tickets and hand them to the fans.”