Vitor Belfort’s Test Results to Be Revealed June 17th

Jason da Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Vitor Belfort is supposed to fight Chael Sonnen at UFC 175, but there is still so much up in the air about the whole situation, especially considering this mysterious February drug test that Vitor Belfort took. Some have said that Vitor Belfort failed that random test in February at the MMA Awards show, which led to the TRT banning hearing, but it hasn’t been made clear yet.

The NSAC has promised to release the results of Belfort’s tests on June 17th during his licensing hearing, which will decide if Vitor Belfort is cleared to fight Sonnen. [source]

The results of that test, which presumably tested to see if Belfort’s testosterone levels were within normal and allowable levels, in addition to testing for banned substances, have so far been kept secret. Belfort’s June 17 licensing hearing, however, will reveal the results, according to NSAC executive director Bob Bennett.

“The test results will be made public, yes,” Bennett tells Cagewriter.

“If Mr. Belfort appears at his hearing, which I’m sure he will, the commissioners will get to question him about any topics they want and I’m sure that will come up.”