Vitor Belfort Has Been Using TRT For Over 3 Years Now

When it comes to TRT, one of the poster boys for the controversial treatment has been Vitor Belfort. Vitor Belfort has not kept it a secret that he has been using Testosterone Replacement Therapy to help level out his testosterone levels and help prolong his career. This has led to some criticism from other fighters, who see it as an unfair advantage for Belfort, who has primarily been fighting in places where he can get a Therapeutic Use Exemption.

His argument is that it helps keep his levels where other fighters are, the counter argument is that he is aging and it seems like a natural part of aging for those levels to go down. In a recent interview he spoke about his TRT usage and claimed that if a fight for the title would come up and he needed to, he’d stop. [link]

“I’ve (been doing this) for three years,” Belfort said. “I did some exams and they saw I had low testosterone levels. The doctor said ‘Vitor, we need to do something. I don’t know if you agree with this, but it’s important that you do it.’ And it was done.”

“If you has something, if you need something, do it the right way. That’s what I do. I do blood tests all the time… It’s a process that you have to do.”