Vitor Belfort Releases a Statement From an Unnamed Doctor

Look, we get it, Vitor. We get that you, Vitor Belfort, really want to push this whole TRT thing like it was legitimate. The truth of the matter in this case is, though, that people are sick of the topic and that after this week’s decision by the NSAC, TRT is over with. The UFC has gone as far as to stage Vitor Belfort pulling out of his fight with Chris Weidman at UFC 173, which was an interesting move, as Belfort has refuted the claim that was issued in his name. What a mess. Then again, this is what happens when something goes from legal, but questionable, to illegal and wrong; someone gets burned.

In this case it was Vitor Belfort. Here is a statement from his Instagram claiming to be from a doctor. Who Instagrams a doctor’s note? [Source]

“Vitor Belfort’s TRT have always been a medical decision aimed to health improvement. The same treatment strategy is available and widely prescribed to every patient who makes the decision to live better and healthier life through their natural ageing proccess. Any performance advantage results not from the use of medication, but from the athlete’s unshaken discipline and absolute dedication to an extremely demanding training routine, impecable nutrition and resting. In the name of his passion for the sport and dedication to his fans, my patient made the decision to interrupt his health treatment. We are going to need 90 days to adapt Vitor’s treatment and nutrition in order to support his extremely hard training routine – This is what makes Vitor one of the best fighters on UFC history and the most dedicated athlete I’ve ever had the honor to work with.”