Vitor Belfort Feels That TRT Just Levels the Playing Field For Him

Vitor Belfort has been in the news a lot recently, and not just for having an incredible year and some great fights, but mostly because of how outspoken he is about his usage of TRT, testosterone replacement therapy. For potential opponents and for Athletic Commissions, this is all kind of a turn off, as many believe that Belfort’s use of TRT is due to abuse of other substances in the past, as it is with many other athletes. This has led to Belfort catching a lot of flack and avoiding fights in certain parts of the world due to the testing and exemption status there.

It’s all pretty wild, if you ask me. He spoke out about it and he feels like it’s a good thing, the TRT.

The TRT, the shot just gets you level in the system. So, the bottom line my level is always lower than a regular guy. I never go [over] the limit, the level. So, what I’m trying to do, I’m just trying to be fair in my career against my opponent. The TRT is just something my body cannot produce. I’m doing the treatment with doctors, with bloodwork, so everything’s pretty black and white. But, all of guys are out there doing a lot of stuff but they don’t get caught because they don’t have blood.