Vitor Belfort Claims He Never Issued a Statement Pulling Out of UFC 173

The grand stage play that is the UFC, TRT and Vitor Belfort continues to rage on as last night at 1:15am (closer to 1:30am) the UFC issued a statement through Fox Sports 1 claiming to be from Vitor Belfort in regards to him pulling out of his fight with Chris Wediman at UFC 173. If it felt fishy, stupid, staged and ridiculous to you then congratulations, you are on the right track.

Today Vitor Belfort issued a statement in regards to him pulling out of UFC 173, claiming that he never intended to do so and that it was his “legal counsel” that gave the statement to the UFC and Fox Sports 1. Here is the translated statement from Facebook. [source]


“I never gave up fighting in UFC 173 and never mentioned it. Therefore, all information posted in any mass media advertising that is not true.

What I announced was that I will be resigning “TRT” and not “giving up the fight” to continue my dream of fighting.

The UFC decided to put another opponent in my place because I didn’t have time to fit the new rules of the NSAC. According to the UFC, I will face the winner of Weidman vs Lyotto within the new regulations of all the Athletic Commissions.

I’m sorry that this happened, and I appreciate the strength and understanding of all fans, sponsors, UFC and athletic commissions “.

Vitor Belfort