Vince McMahon Actually Proposed a Fight Against Dana White

This story is one that has existed as a rumor for a while now, but Dana White has finally gone out and publicly made a statement about it. Yes, it is true, WWE’s Vince McMahon had, at one point, offered UFC President Dana White, a spot on a Wrestlemania card against himself. Vince was so cocksure about this idea that even if Dana didn’t want to do it in a WWE ring, Vince was willing to fight him — for real — in a UFC cage. Vince of course has well over 20 years of age over Dana White and most likely would not pass a drug test if this was a real fight.

Apparently Dana didn’t see the marketing potential for such a super fight, sadly, as it would have been an absolutely incredible battle for the ages.

For those not aware of some of Vince’s mythos behind him, the man is a legend for being insane. From the power naps in his office, to the cocaine and steroid abuse to the sexual misconduct and everything else in between, Vince is downright insane. Not many guys force their limo drivers to go well over the speed limit  because they are so sure that they can’t actually die. [source]