This is a Video of Sylvester Stallone Knocking Out Chael Sonnen… in a Movie

Two of the best Boxing films of all-time are easily Rocky and Raging Bull, so imagine putting the stars of those movies together when they are both a bit older to make a movie about them Boxing each other while older. That is pretty much what Grudge Match is. How does Chael Sonnen fit into this? Well, Chael Sonnen kind of fits into anything he can weasel his way into, right?

Apparently there is a MMA-themed scene in the movie Grudge Match where Stallone and DeNiro are promoting their upcoming fight at a MMA event where Mike Goldberg is the interviewer, I mean, we aren’t making assumptions yet, are we? When both men run down MMA as a sport for girls Chael Sonnen comes out to cut a promo on them before things get heated and, well, just watch the clip.