Video | Jon Jones Gets 5 Tickets – Calls Officer F***ing Liar

Jon Jones was on today’s edition of the MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani and talked about getting pulled over for drag racing 3 days ago. Jon claims it’s a bullshit charge and said fans were in car next to him so he revved his engine to fire them up. He got pulled over within 10 yards and did not get a speeding ticket. He received a ticket for drag racing and blew his fuse. Ends up receiving a total of 5 tickets in the process. Plans on fighting it all in court and said he wished he handled it better.

TMZ released the video shortly after Jon Jones broke the news on the MMA Hour. It seems like both the Officer and Jon could have handled the situation better. Especially with the Officer starting the conversation with

“Why are you drag racing that Cadillac?”

Other Fun interactions:


“How do you sleep with yourself?”


“Mostly on my left side, sometimes on my back.”


“I can’t wait for you to get out of my face, you’re despicable.”


“I feel the same way about you sir. Once again, the feeling is mutual.”

Has Jon Jones hit rock bottom yet?