VIDEO: Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier Involved in Brawl in Las Vegas

Well, sometimes these things happen in MMA, a wise man once said. That wise man was talking about the Diaz boys, though, not the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones. Today in Las Vegas all hell broke loose during a UFC 178 press conference when Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier were set for what was a rather pedestrian staredown for the media, only for Cormier to shove Jon Jones. It seems pretty customary for this to happen, for a video to come out and for everyone to ooh and ahh at it.

Only it didn’t stop there. Oh god no. Jon Jones went full force after Daniel Cormier and things got crazy, insane, out of control. Bodies crashed through signs, spilled from the stage, innocent bystanders were made uncomfortable or even toppled. This should add some heat for the upcoming Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier fight, right?

Video from the lovely and talented Esther Linn. Jon Jones has kind of lost it, right?