Video Footage of Jason Miller and Uriah Hall’s Altercation From This Weekend

The story of Jason Miller is a rather sad one when you stop and think about it. Jason Miller had a crack at the UFC early on in his career and things didn’t work out, so he set off on his own, making a name for himself in Japan and even getting himself a show on MTV called Bully Beatdown. It was MTV’s way of hopping in on the MMA craze when it was booming by finding a charismatic guy who wasn’t going to cost a ton or be tied down by UFC obligations and contracts. What it also meant was that Jason Miller had a bigger audience than most UFC fighters could imagine, go figure.

After a few crazy incidents he got another shot at the UFC, where he kind of washed out and he decided to retire. Since then it has been an absolute mess of a post-retirement life for Mayhem, who has been arrested numerous times and involved in a few higher profile incidents. One of which was from this weekend at a BAMMA USA show where he apparently hurled racial slurs at UFC fighter Uriah Hall, prompting Hall to take a swing at him.

Finally some video footage has come out and while it is interesting, it doesn’t turn out to be all that crazy. I mean, if these guys weren’t kind of famous would we really care?