VIDEO: Daniel and Rolles Gracie Make Their Pro Wrestling Debut

Rolles and Daniel Gracie might not be the most accomplished guys to ever carry the Gracie name around with them, in fact, Rolles Gracie is probably best known for the hilarious KO that he took at World Series of Fighting 5 where he did a Flair flop. That’s okay, though, because Rolles and Daniel Gracie made an appearance at this past weekend’s New Japan Pro Wrestling event, Wrestle Kingdom 8.

Wrestle Kingdom 8 was New Japan’s Wrestlemania, filling up the Tokyo Dome with 35,000 fans, which for a modern Japanese event is pretty huge. The Gracie boys were set to make their debuts against two bigger Japanese names, one of which you should be familiar with (two if you follow Japanese MMA closely) in Kazushi Sakuraba and Yuji Nagata. This video is from ZProphet, as always. Sadly there is no intro where Saku used a bunch of kids in Saku masks and did a Gracie Train. It was awesome.