Video of Brock Lesnar’s Kimura from WWE Monday Night Raw

Look, Brock Lesnar was at one time the king of the UFC’s Heavyweight division, which makes his comings and goings still newsworthy, especially with talk swirling around about him possibly returning to the UFC. If you’ve kept up with WWE or Brock Lesnar just a little bit you’ll know that the Kimura has been one of his big moves in the WWE and his gimmick has been breaking arms with it, most notably Triple H’s.

Of course he hasn’t really broken any arms with it and he does it from a guard position, which from a jiu-jitsu standpoint should be easy to counter, but from a wrestling standpoint it is incredibly visual, which is what is important for the WWE. So yeah, here is Brock Lesnar from Monday Night Raw “dislocating” Mark Henry’s elbow with the Kimura.