Video: Ben Henderson vs. Frankie Edgar I From UFC 144

UFC 164 is coming up at the end of this month and it’s headlined by a rematch of the awesome first fight between lightweight champ Ben Henderson and the last man to beat him, Anthony Pettis. Now officially, Pettis is the last man to beat Henderson, but many other people would disagree. There’s a lot of people that think Gilbert Melendez beat him back in April, and then there were the two fights with Frankie Edgar, in which arguments could be made for Edgar winning in both fights. Personally, I had Henderson winning the first fight and Edgar winning the second and had Henderson beating Melendez.

Ahead of the upcoming fight, the UFC released the full video of the first fight between Henderson and Edgar, from UFC 144 in Japan. Check it out, watch it again and decide who should’ve won.