Valve May Have Created Half-Life and Steam, But They are MMA Fans Like You and I

This is a pretty interesting tidbit of news for those of you out there who are inclined to playing videogames as well and are familiar with Valve, the team that is responsible for the legendary Half-Life and Team Fortress games, as well as the online platform powerhouse that is Steam. Apparently there are those within the world of Valve who find themselves interested in Mixed Martial Arts. That isn’t that shocking, as MMA nerddom has a lot of overlap with gaming nerddom, but apparently there are so many MMA fans that they even have an internal mailing list dedicated to the sport.

In a leak from Valve’s internal mailing lists, not only are there ones dedicated to upcoming titles like Half-Life 3 that everyone is anxiously awaiting, but topics like the company softball team, hiking and Mixed Martial Arts.

I guess it’s good to know that you are in good company, right? I wonder if they are stoked for EA UFC…