Urijah Faber says he’d fight Dillashaw if TJ asked him to

It’s interesting to know that this fight is still potentially able to happen. The two Alpha Males, a Jedi and newly-appointed Jedi from Padawan may have to fight for the belt. Besides Barao in the rematch, or Cruz if he wins 1-2 more fights, Faber is on the short list to challenge for the belt yet again… Unbelievable.

You know, the only way that fight would happen is if TJ Dillashaw asked me to do it.”

“The only reason it would happens is if it were something that Dana, Lorenzo, everybody thinks is a must-see and they want to make it worth our while. I don’t necessarily feel like it’s something I want to do. I guess you never rule anything out but it’s not something that I want to do.”

So you’re telling me there’s a chance?