Urijah Faber just Tapped Mayday McDonald Out

Urijah Faber is one of those guys that I’ll always enjoy watching fight, as he was at one time the WEC’s kingpin and biggest draw. Watching Urijah Faber fight in WEC felt like a big deal because you never knew what kind of wacky stuff Faber was going to pull out to gain a victory. Tonight was a big fight for Faber as he squared off against UFC prospect Michael Mayday McDonald in a fight that definitely would put the winner closer to a title shot.

Both men looked like they were looking for the big stoppage, but Faber kept his composure and in the second round was able to catch McDonald flush on the jaw. He was quickly able to take advantage and lock in the guillotine. He did what Urijah Faber does best and rolled into it, with Mayday forced to tap.

GIF from ZProphet.