Uriah Hall Paints a Picture of the Mayhem Miller Confrontation/Fiasco

Poor Uriah Hall. All he was doing was attending a BAMMA USA event when he got sucked into Mayhem Miller’s vortex of utter insanity. We’ve heard reports, we’ve seen video and we’ve seen Jason Miller’s reaction on Twitter, but now Uriah Hall wants to talk about what went down and clear things up. [link]

According to Uriah Hall, he saw the Reign MMA crew surrounding a woman at the event, in what he considered a defensive posture, while he saw a bald man that was shouting and making a scene. He realized that it was Mayhem Miller who was causing the scene when things turned towards Hall, with Mayhem focusing his anger on Hall, which caused Hall to take a swipe at Miller, only for Miller to dodge it. This led to security guards breaking the whole thing up.

But it doesn’t end there. Apparently Mayhem was tweeting about the incident with more racial slurs, then he started texting Hall. When Hall asked how he got his number, Mayhem gave a very Mayhem reply; ‘I am Mayhem Miller, I know everything.’

Uriah Hall feels bad for him and wishes him well.