Uriah Hall on Disappointing Performance: ‘I was trying to have some fun, man.’

To say that there as a lot of hype around Uriah Hall going into this weekend’s Ultimate Fighter Finale is an understatement, as MMA fans far and wide (at least the ones who still watch The Ultimate Fighter) were quick to proclaim that Uriah Hall was the guy to watch at Middleweight and could possibly even defeat Anderson Silva. Of course, with hype like that backing him up, Hall went into the fight this weekend looking unfocused and at times it almost seemed like he was goofing around, which cost him the fight and his hype train.

He recently spoke to MMAJunkie about his performance and insists that he just trained a bit too hard for it, was going into a fight with a guy that he had trained with and was just looking to have some fun in the ring. It is one thing to be called the next Anderson Silva, it is another thing to attempt to fight like Anderson Silva when you clearly aren’t on that level yet, which is what happened with Uriah Hall this Saturday. Some guys aren’t meant to shoulder roll and keep their hands down, or some guys just aren’t at that level yet, which explains Uriah Hall right now.

Still has a ton of potential and we look forward to seeing him fight again soon.