The Ultimate Fighter Recap Episode Draws Extremely Poor Ratings

If there was ever something that I’d consider stale, it would be The Ultimate Fighter. It was a cool concept all of those years ago when it was introduced and served as an easy way to introduce newer fans to the UFC and MMA in general. At this point it feels like people already know about the UFC and MMA and that they have beaten the dead horse to the point where they are not beating the remains of a dead horse that has been decomposing for years.

This season of The Ultimate Fighter was supposed to be earth-shattering, as it was co-ed and featured Ronda Rousey as one of the coaches. Of course, it was also put on the new station that is Fox Sports 1 and they’ve had some serious issues with ratings this season. Last night turned out to be the lowest ratings for The Ultimate Fighter this season, which is really low, but last night was also the World Series, so your mileage may vary. This seems like the reason why they put together a clip show. It’s amazing that anyone watched a clip show.