Ultimate Fight Night 33 Gets 755,000 Viewers on Friday Night

Look, I’m not going to rag on Fox Sports 1 right now, but I am going to say that Ultimate Fight Night 33’s ratings went right back down after we saw an increase from the Ultimate Fighter 18 card. How much of a drop? Well, back to levels that we were seeing before, it seems, as Ultimate Fight Night 33 pulled in an average number of 755,000 viewers. While that isn’t a bad number and is standard for Fox Sports 1, it is not great, either.

Ultimate Fight Night 33 featured the amazing main event between Mark Hunt and Antonio Silva, as well as Mauricio Shogun Rua vs. James Te Huna. Those two fights were enough to get your to tune in, or, at least, they should have been. Maybe it was the Friday night thing that threw people off, as UFC events are usually Saturday or Wednesday? That will be an excuse that we hear, but I think that Fox Sports 1 just doesn’t seem to be drawing in the fans for the UFC right now.

That or fans are sick of subpar cards.