Ugh, Now Bellator Interested in CM Punk Fighting for Them

I’ll be the first to admit that yes, I’m a grown-ass man and yes, I still watch pro wrestling. I’m not sure why, but I do. It’s just something that got into my bloodstream years ago and even if I shake it for a bit it won’t go away for good. Yes, I know that it’s fake, but then again, so are the books I read, the TV shows and movies that I watch and so forth. Anyway. CM Punk walked out of the WWE after being one of the top guys for years, which in and of itself should be considered a feat, but he was not being creatively fulfilled. Now the MMA world is abuzz if a 35 year old man will be able to just pick up MMA and give it a shot.

Chances are that no, this won’t be able to happen and if it does, it will be at a low level and not matter. That being said, CM Punk still seems to be drawing in attention from the MMA world. According to Dave Meltzer from the latest WON Bellator seems interested in CM Punk.

“Bellator has already expressed at least preliminary interest in him. He would be free and clear of any WWE contractual obligations in July….

I get the impression a part of him would like to do it the same way Batista did it as a bucket list thing. With Batista, it seemed on the surface to be a real bad risk, but in the end, he did it and wasn’t hurt at all. With Punk, on the surface, it would seem the same thing. A theoretical big risk….

The key is he’s 35 and his body is beaten up from years of pro wrestling. While he does train in fighting disciplines, he doesn’t have the competition background at a high level in any fighting sport. That is very old to start out in unless you want to compete at the beginners level. It’s also hard to say if he goes against someone legit and loses, how it would affect him for a WWE return, either with the fans, or with management. And I’m not sure exactly what kind of challenge he’d be up for.”