UFC’s Shane Carwin Retires Via Twitter

When most UFC fans think about their knowledge of lactic acid, most are willing to admit that it comes from watching Shane Carwin’s fight against Brock Lesnar where all of a sudden he was unable to do anything, kind of rolled over and was submitted by former UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar. Everyone got a lesson in lactic acid and why being a big dude might suck sometimes. Shane Carwin is known for being a family man who has never quit his day job as an engineer even while being one of the UFC’s most successful Heavyweights.

That all seems to have come to a close as Carwin made an announcement via Twitter that he has officially retired. He didn’t say what from, specifically, but one has to assume that it is from active competition within the UFC. Kudos to Carwin for getting as far as he did, especially after having a very late start to the MMA game.