UFC’s Lorenzo Fertitta Replies to Nate Quarry’s Post on the UG

The struggle between Big Business vs. the Little Guy is a struggle that has been going on for many, many years now, with no end in sight. It continues on within the UFC as former fighters have been speaking out over the last few years about fighter pay and treatment by the company and its management. Nate Quarry made headlines this week with his post on the Underground forums where he gave some life lessons out for aspiring MMA fighters on how the business really is.

Now the UFC’s Lorenzo Fertitta has his chance to speak about the topic and he gives the point that him and other UFC management feel “beaten down” by the negative press that they receive. Fertitta’s main point seems to be that that was a while ago and that things have gotten better. We’ll see. [source]

“This sport is in its infancy, and I’ll admit that there is so much more to be done, but the media is focusing so much on the negative and there are far more positives out there in terms of what we have done for the sport and the fighters,” Fertitta said. “You come to work every day and you kind of feel beaten down because it’s something new [to complain about] every day.”

“I’m not going to argue or counter every specific claim made by Nate Quarry on some website,” Fertitta said. “I’m super proud of what we have done for our athletes, this sport and this company. Our track record is darn good as a whole and we have nothing to be embarrassed about.

“This fight Nate is talking about was so long ago and clearly the business wasn’t where it is today. It was in its infancy and we were coming out of a period where we suffered millions upon millions in losses. It wasn’t an insignificant amount of money. And I’ll tell you this, Nate is a smart guy. Absolutely he is. He knew when he signed his contract exactly what he’d be paid.”