UFC’s Dave Sholler Makes SportsCenter’s Not Top Ten

I’m really not sure, is this a good thing? The UFC has gotten a lot of play on SportsCenter the last week or so, but most of it has been about the Jon Jones/Daniel Cormier brawl and it hasn’t been that positive, if you ask me. This is what it takes to get UFC on ESPN on a regular basis; something really awful has to happen. ESPN has this “Not Top Ten” list that they air during SportsCenter each week, where they feature the top ten blunders of the week, and lo-and-behold, Dave Sholler from the UFC’s marketing team going through a backdrop made the cut.

Dave Sholler went from a behind-the-scenes guy that some people interacted with to a guy who has been front-and-center after the brawl last week. I mean, there have been Dave Sholler memes, the guy was even trending on Twitter for a while. That’s pretty crazy.