UFC Welterweight Contender Johnny Hendricks Confirms Hand Not Injured

Sure, Georges St. Pierre might have just fought this weekend, but fans are already salivating at the idea of his next fight. Without a doubt GSP is one of the all-time greats in MMA and one of the best champions that the UFC has ever seen, but as his reign of dominance and decisions continues on, more and more fans are looking for the guy to knock him off of his throne. In the eyes of many, that could be the man who just knocked off Carlos Condit and has been on a hot streak, Johnny Hendricks. Hendricks began as a wrestler with potential and has since then picked up invaluable skills as a striker and brings a complete package to the ring with him.

He has been slated as the next opponent for Georges St. Pierre and for many, he is the man to take the title home, there was just one catch; he was pretty certain that he broke his hand this weekend. Well, he waited a bit, got home, rested, and apparently him and his team believe that he has not sustained a broken hand and that things can move forward. All that they are waiting for right now is for him to get that date and place where he’ll face GSP so he can start preparing.