UFC Vet Paul Kelly Sentenced to 13 Years in Prison for Trafficking

Well, he was sentenced back in May, so it shouldn’t be surprising that when the punishment came out that it would be a lengthy one. Former UFC fighter Paul “Tellys” Kelly was sentenced for drug trafficking and given THIRTEEN YEARS in prison as a punishment, which definitely spells the end of his UFC career.

It isn’t hard to imagine a guy whose nickname was given to him because it looked like he was always carrying around televisions under his arms by his friends, a joke about him possibly stealing televisions, was involved in something criminal. If my friends gave me a nickname that involved theft I’m pretty sure I’d be running with a pretty weird crowd, but that’s just me.

He was the apparent brains behind a intricate trafficking network that involved heroin, marijuana and cocaine, which has been cited as him trying to keep up his lifestyle after making good money within the UFC.