UFC Unveiling Digital Subscription Service for International Events

The UFC is going to be taking a bold step in 2014 by moving international events away from the Fox Sports platform and instead hosting them at convenient times in their home markets and airing them via a live stream to fans around the world. This step will set international shows apart from their US counterparts now, as those events will only be available via that streaming service, which apparently will be subscription-based.

USA Today spoke with Lorenzo Fertita about the new initiative and while they weren’t willing to spill the pricing structure just yet, it will begin with the January 4th event in Singapore. [link]

“The UFC has always been ahead of the game in the digital world,” UFC co-owner and CEO Lorenzo Fertitta said. “The UFC was the first major sporting organization to embrace social media and the first to offer live pay-per-view events across multiple digital platforms. The new digital network continues that tradition of innovation, bringing unrivaled choice to UFC fans.”