UFC Signs Holly Holm, But No Immediate Title Shot

This feels like a long time coming, doesn’t it? Yesterday Dana White announced that the UFC has [finally] signed Holly Holm to the UFC. Holly Holm made a big name for herself here in Albuquerque’s fight scene, with her career spanning across the sports of kickboxing, boxing and now MMA. She’s appeared in larger promotions like Legacy FC and Bellator FC where she gained her exposure to get fans clamoring to see her in the UFC.

Now Holly Holm has finally made her way into the UFC. There isn’t a fight lined up for her just yet, but Dana White made it clear that she would not get an immediate title shot. That means Holly Holm has to prove herself in the UFC first, which might just make her a bigger star if she can get through a few of the bigger names before she challenges Ronda Rousey.