UFC Releases Yushin Okami After One Loss

In a way, it seems a bit odd to release a fighter who is 14-4 within your organization, especially if this fighter was coming off of a three fight winning streak before his latest loss and has been a top contender within a division for years, yet that is exactly what happened with Yushi Okami. Yushin Okami’s release was announced today through MMAJunkie after his recent loss to Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza on September 4th, which was only his fourth loss in the UFC.

It seems like this cut comes because of Okami’s fighting style and the amount of money that he was making each fight, much like Jon Fitch. Fitch was a fighter who wasn’t exactly exciting that the UFC cut a while back because he was making too much money compared to other, more exciting fighters. There are many who will argue that the UFC is just a top sporting organization, but when you cut a top contender in a division because you don’t like his fighting style, it makes you wonder, right?