UFC Possibly Targeting October Supercard at Cowboys Stadium

Let’s face some facts here; UFC 100 was a huge deal, one of the biggest shows in the UFC’s history and we have yet to really be treated to a supercard like that again. Of course, that could all change if this rumor floating around happens to come to fruition. What rumor, you might ask? The rumor is that the UFC is looking to do a 20th anniversary event at Cowboys Stadium in October (need to subscribe to WON/F4W to read). That would coincide with the Texas State Fair which attracts a lot of visitors and help to make that UFC event feel bigger.

What would headline a supercard like that in a stadium? None other than Jon Jones vs. Anderson Silva, the Superfight that we’ve been hearing about and talking about, but has yet to really come to life just yet. As well as a Heavyweight title bout between Cain Velasquez and Junior Dos Santos, their third meeting. This would obviously be huge if it did happen, so we’ll have to just cross our fingers on this one.