UFC on Fox 10 Picks up 2.55 Million Viewers

The overnight ratings for UFC on Fox 10 came in yesterday and the good news was that there was a slight gain from UFC on Fox 8 and UFC on Fox 9. Of course, UFC on Fox 8 was the lowest ratings that we’ve seen for a UFC on Fox event and UFC on Fox 9 saw a little bit of a gain. This time around UFC on Fox 10 scooped up a few more viewers from UFC on Fox 9’s 2.44 million viewers to bring the number up to 2.55 million viewers.

It should be noted that they were running relatively unopposed on Saturday night, beating out Shaun White: Russia Calling, Flushed Out while still losing to repeats of Mike & Molly, Two and a Half Men and the Blacklist for sheer numbers. The overnight rating was a 1.1, which is a solid share of the ratings. I’m not sure that we’ll ever really see good ratings for a UFC on Fox event again as long as they continue with the caliber of events they’ve been presenting. So I guess this is good enough? [source]