UFC Lightweight Champion Anthony Pettis Out Six Months with Leg Injury

Poor Anthony Pettis, as he has faced yet another setback in his career which will keep him out of the ring for up to six months. Anthony Pettis has already withdrawn from his next title defense of the UFC Lightweight Championship and now the details have started to come out as to the extent of the injury. Pettis has torn his PCL and will require surgery on it, which will keep him out of action for up to six months time, which is a long time for a UFC champion, especially in such a busy weight class.

This has been a nagging issue for Pettis, thus the talk of surgery. [link]

I gave it two good months of rehab and the first time I came back (to train in the gym) I got a light kick in the shin and it swelled up real bad.

We’re thinking about operating. Most doctors don’t operate on PCLs, so no one has a clear answer at this point. I’m going to L.A. after my brother’s fight to get another opinion.

If I do need surgery, the time frame is four to six months off. If we decide to rehab, it’s another four to six weeks. I’m hoping for no surgery, but I don’t want this to be something that keeps happening.