UFC and Fox Sports Cut Ties with Chael Sonnen

It appears that Chael Sonnen’s relationship with both the UFC and Fox Sports has officially come to an end after it was revealed this weekend that Chael Sonnen failed yet a second random drug test. Chael Sonnen was one of the UFC’s most marketable personalities and was an integral part of UFC’s public-face, so of course him testing for multiple banned substances and lying about them seemed to be a bad fit for both organizations.

Last night both companies issued statements in regards to Chael Sonnen, washing their hands of the former UFC Middleweight and Light Heavyweight Contender. There are a lot of questions hanging in the air still, but it appears that for now they’ve just cut him from their broadcast teams, not from the organization entirely.

“The UFC and FOX Sports organizations announced today the termination of their respective broadcasting services agreements with analyst Chael Sonnen. This decision comes in light of Sonnen failing a second test conducted by the Nevada Athletic Commission for banned substances in June. Sonnen was previously under temporary suspension by the Nevada Athletic Commission for failing an initial test conducted in May.”