UFC on Fox 11 Ratings Show Serious Decline

Every Spring it feels like the MMA world just become completely disinterested, this Spring is no different it seems, although there could be some very serious conversations about last night’s UFC on Fox 11 event. Last night’s UFC on Fox 11 pulled in the UFC’s worst ratings on network television in history. When the UFC first burst onto Fox they pulled 5.7 million viewers for Cain Velasquez vs. Junior Dos Santos, now with last night’s UFC on Fox 11 event the UFC struggled and failed at reaching 2 million viewers, coming in at 1.99 million.

If you look at other, recent numbers, though, it all seems to add up, doesn’t it? Wednesday night’s event saw incredibly poor numbers on Fox Sports 1. All signs are pointing to the UFC needing to try a different strategy to engage and attempt to retain their current, dwindling viewership. Last year’s UFC on Fox 7 event on April 20th scored 3.7 million viewers, which was main evented by Benson Henderson vs. Gilbert Melendez for the UFC Lightweight Championship.

The shame is that this was probably the most entertaining from top-to-bottom UFC event of the year and, in theory, should have had the most eyes on it on free, broadcast television. [source]