The UFC finally heads to Maine, Tim Sylvia wants on the card

Tim Sylvia, dude, you’re 0-3-1 and that little “1” that’s a no-contest came from Andrei Arvloski kicking you in the dome as hard as he could while not knowing ONE FC rules. You have no reason to be on the inagural UFC card in Maine other than because your nickname is The Maine-iac. That’s it. But, you’ll still go on Facebook, and rally the social media.

I dunno, man. How much do you even think they’re going to pay you? Maybe you can be on the Fight Pass prelims?

This came from Tim Sylvia’s Facebook:

The UFC is going to be in Bangor Maine in aug. Please guys contact the UFC guys through social media. Dana white, joe silva, Sean Shelby, and Lorenzo fertetta, and bug them till your blue in the face and let them know you want to see the original Maine-iac on the card. I want to fight for my fans, friends, and family in one of my home towns it’s a perfect fit.

I wonder if Stephen King will be in attendance.