UFC Fighters Give Their Opinion on Openly Gay Fighters


When Fallon Fox appeared in the MMA world it most definitely wasn’t ready. The MMA world hadn’t even had a large-profile openly-gay fighter yet, then we jumped right into Fallon Fox, the transgendered Women’s MMA fighter. The UFC has actually had an openly gay fighter in Liz Carmouche, which was a step in the right direction for sure, but now since this past weekend’s NFL draft the concept of openly gay in any sport has become a topic.

Fox Sports ran an article yesterday with quotes from select UFC fighters on their thoughts on openly gay fighters, which range from open-minded to kind of weird.

“Why not?” Benavidez answered.

“It would be cool to see a gay guy just beat the s*** out of somebody,” he told FOX Sports. “I think that would be that much cooler. Busting a stereotype.”

“People shouldn’t be afraid to be who they are — period,” said Miesha Tate, who fought Carmouche last month at FOX UFC Saturday. “Whatever makes you, you at the end of the day, that’s unique to you. I think that’s what America stands for.”

“If he’s tough, who cares?” Liddell said. “If he’s a fighter, he’s a fighter. As long as he wins fights, it doesn’t matter.”

“I don’t really know what I think about homosexuality and MMA,” Jones said. “I’ve never really put much thought into it. It’s a very sensitive topic. I’d rather not even comment on it.”

This is just a small collection from said article, so I implore you to go check it out. Also, Jon Jones, am I right? [source]