UFC At It Again With Fake ‘Fan’ UFC 173 Promo Ad

What does going viral really mean? What is the value of a viral video? For the UFC it apparently means making a YouTube account under an unassuming name and then posting videos to promo events and having everyone within the UFC share it online. That is what the UFC considers to be “viral.” The UFC is back at it with this promo video for UFC 173, coming right after we found out that they tried to put subliminal messages to “BUY” UFC 173 in another promo spot.

This promo video was shared by Dana White on Twitter today, which once again just confirms that the only YouTube account that can host videos with UFC footage in them without having them taken down by DMCA notices is under the UFC’s control. So did you laugh at this UFC 173 promo, or were you kind of over it? What’s funny is that if the UFC actually allowed fans to make videos they would and it would be free advertising for them. Sheesh.