UFC Considering Las Vegas Motor Speedway as a Super Fight Venue

If you thought that Cowboys Stadium was an exciting stretch for the UFC to run an event in, imagine the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, which houses over 130,000 spectators. That is what the UFC might be planning right now as their home of their upcoming, proposed super fight between Anderson Silva and Jon Jones.

This would be the largest show that the UFC has ever attempted if they do attempt this and would probably set things up differently to claim that they “sold it out.” They would need a mega-card to make this happen and I assume that tickets would be dirt cheap. I just can’t imagine 130,000 fans at a UFC event to see Jon Jones vs. Anderson Silva, especially with the UFC’s PPV base in America being around 300,000.

Where will they find 120,000 more people than usual for a Las Vegas show? [Source: BE]