UFC Considering Instituting a Fighter Uniform

Dana White’s media briefing yesterday is quickly becoming something of legend, as Dana White was pacing around, upset and acting like a nutjob by all reports. Part of the UFC head honcho’s rant involved talk about a fighter uniform for UFC fighters.  [source]

“We’re working on it,” White said. “But nothing yet.”

According to multiple sources, the deal is with a major apparel company. Our sources also said the uniform will be head to toe—including fight shorts, walkout shirt and hats—and every fighter in the UFC will wear it.

Bleacher Report’s sources also noted that several spaces on the shorts and shirt will be reserved for fighters and managers to sell their own sponsorships. But outside of those spots, the uniforms will consist mostly of UFC-branded product and the brand of the apparel company.

The uniform deal would seemingly benefit lower-tier preliminary fighters who have trouble selling sponsorships on their own.

“It’s not as big as everybody makes it out to be. Those are the guys that are making tons of money anyway, and they make big money on sponsorship,” said White said. “The lower level guys? They’re not making a bunch from sponsorship.”

“Do you know how many fighters call me and say they don’t want to deal with sponsorships anymore? What can you do? It’s not as plentiful as everybody makes it out to be.”

What could go wrong?