UFC Calling Their Media Rankings ‘Fan Rankings’ Proves Hilariously Accurate

There is a change sweeping through the UFC’s Rankings that has Twitter all abuzz right now; they’ve renamed them “Fan Rankings.” There is a lot of disgust from some of the very (and do I mean very) distinguished media members who are a part of it, as the prestigious UFC-run rankings have become “soiled” for some. The dick measuring contest that was taking part in a promotion-run rankings system has resulted in the UFC finally calling them out for what they are; fan rankings.

Every new iteration of the rankings has led to some of the members of the prestigious panel being publicly called out for ludicrous decisions in the rankings, not basing them upon recent wins or losses but personal opinions and clear favoritism. It became very clear very quickly that these rankings were not to be taken seriously at all and that if the UFC wanted rankings to display on Fox programming that they should have just had their matchmaking team handle it.

Go ahead and check for yourself at the spiffy new title. [link]