UFC and PRIDE Veteran Semmy Schilt Retires

Semmy Schilt originally made a name for himself fighting under the Pancrase banner before he fought for the UFC and PRIDE FC, known for his height and skillset, which early on in the MMA game was quite advanced. Schilt was always a karate guy, but is also known for his submission grappling skills which were able to keep him out of trouble of lot of the time.

Schilt made a name for himself in Kickboxing, where he was able to walk into the K-1 ring and be dominant, winning four K-1 World Grand Prix tournaments before moving over to his management’s new promotion, GLORY Sports International, last year. Since then Semmy has captured the GLORY Heavyweight Championship and also won the GLORY Heavyweight Grand Slam 16-man one-night tournament at the end of 2012.

It came out today that Semmy Schilt will be retiring, effective immediately, due to a heart condition.