If the UFC Doesn’t Care About Its 20th Anniversary Why Should You?

Twenty years ago in Denver, Colorado the UFC officially kicked itself and MMA into America’s consciousness with a rather confusing, sometimes brutal and sometimes dull event called Ultimate Fighting Championship. UFC 167 is serving as the de facto 20th Anniversary event for the organization but the truth is, if you weren’t acutely aware of this fact, you probably wouldn’t be aware of it. Sure, if you go to UFC.com right now they have some neat little UFC 20 graphics up and a few videos and short news stories highlighting the 20 years of the organization’s history.

Yet, if you watch their programming it really hasn’t been pushed all that much. You’d have to believe that UFC programming would be the main vehicle to communicate with UFC fans, but the truth is, with as many events as the UFC has been holding, they tend to have a laser focus only on promoting the next event, while glossing over the future calendar and leaving those events to be promoted on future broadcasts. It leaves a lot to be desired and in the case of UFC’s 20th Anniversary, it’s almost embarrassing how little they’ve been pushing this on the public.

I hear a lot of MMA heads talking about this landmark and sites like MMAFighting are going hard on the 20th Anniversary story for the UFC, but the truth of the matter is, shouldn’t the UFC have been pushing this pretty hard over the past few months? I wonder how disappointed they’ll be when this doesn’t get huge numbers and when more fans aren’t talking about 20 years of the UFC.