UFC 197 Extended Preview

UFC 197 Extended Preview for the Jon Jones versus Daniel Cormier fight on April 23rd in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Jon Jones beat Daniel Cormier via unanimous decision at UFC 182 on January 3rd, 2015. In the lead up to that fight, Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier got into a scuffle at one of the press conference. Both fighters were fined by the UFC and had to perform some community service as part of their punishment.

In April of 2015, Jon Jones was involved in a hit and run car accident and sentenced to 18 months probation after pleading guilty. Also, had to make 72 speaking appearances as part of the judgement.

The UFC stripped Jon Jones of his light heavy weight belt, placed him on suspension and his fight with Anthony Rumble Johnson at UFC 187 was cancelled. Anthony Rumble Johnson and Daniel Cormier then fought for the vacant light heavyweight title at UFC 187 on may 23rd, 2015.

In January of 2016, Jon Jones was pulled over for doing 75mph in a 35mph zone and did not have a drivers license, insurance or registration with him.

In March of 2016, Jon Jones was pulled over, and ticketed for drag racing. Both the police office and Jon Jones could have handled the situation better and Jones ended up with 5 tickets.

Towards the end of March of 2016, Jon Jones was arrested for violating the terms of his probation and is in jail at this time. He is awaiting a hearing in which the DA will revoke his probation, have Jones complete a driver improvement course, a curfew, and an anger management course.

All of this, is adding to the fire and feud that sets up Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier at UFC 197 on April 23rd. Here is the UFC 197 Extended Preview.