UFC 168 Predicted Buys at 1mil to 1.1million

Oh no, we aren’t done talking about UFC 168 just yet. We still need to talk about UFC 168’s buyrate on PPV, especially after last night’s announcement from the WWE where they announced the WWE Network and had everyone talking about PPV buys and if PPV is still a viable business model. According to Dave Meltzer, UFC 168’s PPV sales are in the range of 1 million to 1.1 million, which would tie it with UFC 158 from this year as the third-highest PPV buyrate in company history.

With the increased price tag for the event it should yield more income as well. It is just proof that PPV with the right card can still be an attractive option, but that events like UFC 161: Henderson vs. Evans did not belong on PPV. [source]