UFC 167 Does 600,000-650,000 PPV Buys

Georges St-Pierre has without a doubt been the UFC’s biggest PPV draw over the last few years, if not of all time, and his UFC 167 bout with Johny Hendricks might have been his final one, making it bittersweet. While he was able to pull in big numbers for his fight against Nick Diaz, UFC 167’s buyrate seems to be quite a bit lower, coming in as a mild disappointment.

According to Dave Meltzer, the number is predicted at 600-650,000 viewers purchased UFC 167, compared to 950,000 for the Nick Diaz bout. What should be more troubling to the UFC is that with Georges St-Pierre gone next year they have lost one of the only men in the company capable of moving the needle beyond 500,000 buys, even if UFC 167 wasn’t a huge number. I still can’t believe that some refuse to admit there is an issue for the UFC right now. [source]