UFC 143 – Random After Thoughts

-Like the visual of the new intro-the music sucks-still think the old gladiator intro was better.  (Still glad the music from Stemm was in there as they show who’s fighting on the card).

-Lot’s of Ad’s everywhere.  Is this because PPV’s are down or because Fox is involved? (Corn something or another FTW CRRUUUNNCCHHH).

-Condit was asked what Diaz said to him during the fight. “So we’re throwing spinning shit now?”  “Yep.”

-Was GSP put into the Primetime special promoting a fight between himself and Nick Diaz to promote that fight or to motivate Carlos Condit?

-Really impressed with Fabricio Werdum’s stand up.  The clinch followed up with knees.  Also, very funny at the post fight press conference (made his joker face smile for the crowd).

-Look like the judges finally scored leg kicks as a strike that counts.  Looks at Carlos Condit.

Fights to make:
Carlos Condit vs. winner of Jake Ellenberger vs. Diego Sanchez
Nick Diaz vs. loser of Jake Ellenberger vs. Diego Sanchez
Fabricio Werdum vs. Frank Mir
Roy Nelson vs. Shane Carwin or Mike Russow
Josh Koscheck (move up to 185) vs. Vitor Belfort or Michael Bisping
Mike Pierce vs. John Fitch