Tyrone Spong Attends UFC Event, Asks For Contract

Today was all about Conor McGregor until it wasn’t. The big hub-bub for the post-fight presser today was that Tyrone Spong was in the building and asked about a one-fight contract to fight in Dublin. It was that crazy of a crowd that Tyrone Spong just wants to fight in front of a crazy crowd like that. This, of course, came from Dana White’s mouth in the post-fight press conference, with it being his example of everyone wanting to fight for the UFC in Dublin.

Now, the reality here is that Tyrone Spong still has a contract with World Series of Fighting. I’m pretty sure that WSoF would give Tyrone Spong a pass if the UFC gave him an offer, but his contract with GLORY is a bit tighter than that. He’s fighting for WSoF, sure, but I’ve seen early GLORY contracts and as long as you were under a GLORY contract all bookings had to go through and be approved by GLORY management. Then, to boot, GLORY contracts had some exclusions, such as UFC and, more recently, Lion Fight.

So yes, it would absolutely be awesome to see Tyrone Spong in the UFC, but will it happen? Probably not any time soon.